Tips For Applying For A Rental Property

Whether you’re applying for your first rental home or you have done it many times, it can be quite difficult.

Not only do you have to spend a lot of time looking for the right place, but you may be competing with many renters that are also interested in the same kind of properties as you.

Here are our five tips to help you increase your chances of having your application approved and successfully landing your ideal home:

1. Get organised before you start looking

Before you start applying for rental properties, it is imperative that you have all the correct documentation ready. As a guide, a rental application typically require 100 points’ worth of identification and these include references, pay slips, photo ID, and bank statements. You should have the necessary documents copied and organised in a folder that you can hand to the real estate agent on inspection day. You should also have these supporting documents in digital form.

2. Write a cover letter

In addition to your application, it is a good idea to write a brief cover letter. You should describe who you are, why you are applying for the property, your financial background, and why you would make a great tenant.

3. Apply online

These days, many real estate agents have their rental applications online so you can apply with a click of a button and these will be automatically sent to the property manager. Some websites will store your details and supporting documents, thereby allowing you to streamline your rental applications and apply for multiple properties. You may also be able to easily manage these applications on the go from any device.

4. First impressions count

Open homes are not only important so that you can physically inspect the property, but to make a good impression to the agent. For one, you should be on time, especially as opens are only for a limited time and you do not want to hold up an agent. It is always best to arrive early if possible. You should also be presentable to show that you’re serious about the rental application process. Always introduce yourself to the agent and be courteous as this will put you in good stead. On the flip side, first impressions of an agent are also important as you want to make sure you can trust them and that you will be comfortable dealing with them.  If an agent appears unprofessional or disinterested, chances are this may continue during your tenancy and result in problems.

5. Follow up with agents

After you have submitted your application, a good agent will acknowledge that they have received it and give you a timeframe in which it will be processed. If you haven’t heard from them after two days, you should follow up with them. When you do so, use this as an opportunity to let them know you’re genuinely interested in the property and that you’re able to provide any additional information or references if necessary. Remember not to hassle the agent or be pushy as they may be less inclined to favour your application.